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The Dusty Millers have existed - intangibly - for a generation, but in a form witnessable to the outside world for mere months. The Dusty Millers is a side project that has become a way of life - everything they do from now on has got to be Dusty.

This is a collaboration of three intimately connected voices: cherished singer-songwriter Lisa Miller, soul jazz queen Tracey Miller, and up-and-coming star Loretta Miller. The connection? Tracey is married to Lisa's brother, Loretta is their daughter and Lisa's niece. All three are very special singers with their own distinctive voices, combined they create a sound that is very special, rare, and moving.

Mothers. Aunts. Daughters of the pioneers. What you wish your family singalong sounded like.

The Dusty Millers is a collaboration of three intimately connected voices: renowned singer-songwriter Lisa Miller, gospel soul queen Tracey Miller, and up and coming star Loretta Miller. The connection? Tracey is the sister-in-law of Lisa. Loretta is the daughter of Tracey and the niece of Lisa. All three are amazing singers with their own distinct voices, combined they create a unique sound that only people who know each other like real family can make.

Lisa Miller has 7 solo albums to her name, each a critical and popular success. She has 3 times been nominated as an ARIA Best Female Artist, and has 9 ARIA nominations in total. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious Australian Music Prize album of the year, and has garnered countless 4 and 5 star reviews for her releases. She has performed in just about every major venue and at every major festival in Australia.

Tracey Miller is one of the very finest rhythm and blues singers in the land, and a revered artist amongst the harshest of critics - other musicians. She is also a highly regarded teacher and leader of gospel choirs and harmony groups, as well as an experienced specialist tour leader, having led numerous groups on voyages of musical discovery to the United States, South Africa, Hawaii and Japan. Equally at home with blues, gospel, soul, jazz, country, bluegrass, or calypso, Tracey Miller is a connoisseur and student of the roots music tradition, and a gifted exponent.

Loretta Miller has spent the last few years touring relentlessly across the USA, Europe and Asia as a member of soul revue Clairy Browne and The Banging Rackettes, a band whose international reputation was catapulted by a memorable Heineken ad that ran in every corner of the globe. She is no stranger to adoring crowds, famous rooms, big hair and hot stages. She has been absorbing great music - not just on record but first hand - since she was born, and now has the skills to match.